Your presentation, Keeping The Elephants Off Your Air Hose was exactly what was missing from our supervisory course curriculum. I look forward to having you back many times in the future.

Hilan Priddy, Sergeant Texas Department Of Public Safety, Training Academy

“Excellent, funny, very entertaining.” “The best speaker at the conference.”

Cookie Dorsey, Training & Development Department, Texas Credit Union League

I am still receiving feedback from officers of the organization and others who were present that evening.” “Everyone has been filled with praise for the humorous yet insightful way you discussed Dealing With Difficult People In A World Of Opportunities.

Sally Jacunski, Program Committee, DSC Communications

Your unique style is entertaining, and at the same time it is impossible for a person to leave one of your sessions without feeling motivated and inspired by what they have learned.

Pamela Stephens, President, Security One Federal Credit Union

Mike is flexible, easy to work with and receptive to suggestions. He always takes the opportunity to contact me several days out and get a profile of the meeting attendees so that he is confident that he is prepared for the group. In this day of the canned professional speaker -- and believe me, we have hired some of the best -- this is refreshing.

Patricia L. Marriott, Corporate Meeting Planner, Frito-Lay, Inc.

Your presentation of How To Lighten Up Before You Tighten Up was exactly what the technical group needed!

Suzette Foster, Business Analyst, Mobil Oil Corporation

I have received so many calls complimenting the workshop that you did for us at Terrell Community Hospital.It’s not often one can spend an entire day in a training seminar and leave refreshed and wishing for more.

Connie Galindo, COR Coordinator, Terrell Community Hospital

Any school committed to helping their teachers and parents with the tough issues facing kids today will want to have Mike Roberts on their team!

Doug Monaghen, Assistant Principal, Fabra Elementary School, Boerne, Texas