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Parents under fire Why kids are killing kids in America

In this empowering program Mike Roberts Founder of Rainbow House for Children shares with parents and teachers the principles contained in the Secret Service Report on violence in schools, and presents a program on how we can all become better communicator’s to the children we work with daily.


Raising Kids Without Raising Your Voice

During this educational and entertaining DVD Mike will take parents back to a calmer gentler time in history, a 1950’s Full Service Gas Station.  Wearing the outfit of the old gas station attendant Mike will share the principles he learned from his old friend COPE, and share with you how this experience made him a Full Service Communicator to his children at Rainbow House.


Raising Kids Without Raising Your Voice

These CD’s are the audio version of the DVD


Laugh-Aerobics Exercising Your Ha Ha

Are you having as much every day as you can? With the information contained in Mike Roberts’ Laugh-Aerobic Seminar you’ll not only start having more fun every day, but you learn how to shake the “blues,” and challenge bad days every time then happen. You’ll discover the secret of how to create your own TO DO Joy List, and develop a Daily Laugh-Aerobic exercise routine so you can keep your Ha Ha in good shape.


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